Published on July 11, 2023

Summer sunglasses 2023: The sizzling trends of the season

With summer in full swing, it's safe to say that we're all hunting for that perfect pair of sunglasses that will make our outfits stand out even more. And while the allure of the timeless designer sunglasses remains, the summer of 2023 is bringing in a breath of fresh, fun change, with eclectic trends that are all about individuality and personal style. Even more impressive, 2023 sunglasses are not set in one decade. Get ready for a kaleidoscope of styles!


Y2K sunglasses

An electrifying echo from the past, Y2K sunglasses, have found themselves at the forefront of the season's women’s sunglasses trends of 2023 and sunglasses trends for men. A nostalgic nod to the early 2000s, these glasses are characterized by translucent, neon and pastel frames

The heart-shaped lenses, reminiscent of the famed celebrity sunglasses during the era, add a playful touch to the repertoire. Two distinct subsets of Y2K summer sunglasses for 2023 are sporty and reflective lenses encased in thick frames and vibrant, colourful lenses in thin wire frames.

Rectangular frames

Next in line are bold rectangular frames, a classic revived with a 70s-inspired twist. These frames are elongated and asymmetrical, exuding a groovy charm, offering a fresh perspective on the familiar shape of designer sunglasses. These summer sunglasses for 2023 also come in a variety of funky colours.

Sporty sunglasses

When cutting-edge design meets function—and fashion! Sporty sunglasses are also all the rage this year. Taking a page from the book of professional athletes, these top 2023 sunglasses for women and men offer a futuristic aesthetic with a hyper-neon color palette reminiscent of the '80s. Meanwhile, wrap-around sunglasses are also making a stylish comeback, with softer lines. These athletic styles have been revamped with delicate, thin frames and subtly tinted lenses.

Elongated cat-eye sunglasses

Elongated cat-eye sunglasses took spring-summer 2023 runways by storm. Thanks to a slight departure from their classic form, these sunglasses are now stretched out, rendering a dramatic look that makes a huge fashion statement. If there was one elegant women’s sunglasses trend of summer 2023, elongated cat-eyes would be it!

Lavender lenses for sunglasses

Colourful lenses are undoubtedly the heart of the 2023 sunglasses trend, but the clear winner in this category is the dreamy, digital shade of lavender haze sunglasses, which move away from traditional pastel hues we see in summer. These glasses add an element of pop to any wardrobe! Tris Coffin can customize lenses in any colour you want, regardless of the frame’s shape. Whether you are looking to change the tint of a pair of optical eyeglasses or dark sunglasses, talk to our opticians.

Oversized aviator sunglasses

Finally, there is one oversized sunglasses trend of summer 2023: we simply cannot ignore the return of the aviators, except they are now reimagined in an XXL version. Oversized aviator sunglasses for men and women, with their cool-vibe frames and exceptionally large lenses, is nothing short of a daring move that says “out with old, in with the new” when it comes to this classic style.

Summer 2023 sunglasses are an impressive blend of the past and future, with a successful attempt to reinvent the classics. Book an appointment to find a pair of sunglasses that suit your face shape!

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