Published on February 21, 2023

LUNOR Eyewear : Outstanding minimalist glasses for women and men

Steve Jobs. Ringo Starr. Madonna. Uma Thurman. Elton John. Daniel Craig. These world-renowned superstars—and many other celebrities and news anchors—have been wearing LUNOR women's and men's glasses for years.

But what is the tremendous appeal of this premium eyewear brand from Germany? How has it transformed from a niche company that specializes in minimalist and often vintage-looking glasses to a fashion household name that has achieved a cult-like status?


The history of Lunor glasses for men and women

Founded over 30 years ago in Germany, Lunor states that it has deeply rooted connections with the Black Forest, a mountainous region in southwestern Germany that borders France and is renowned for fairy tales and cuckoo clocks. It is a small family business owned by Gernot Linder who is acclaimed for his obsession with hands-on artistry. Lunor is an independent eyewear brand that actually makes each pair of glasses for women and men by hand. The one-of-a-kind designs are crafted from the finest materials, including surgical stainless steel, titanium, acetates and even buffalo horn. To maintain their upscale styles, Lunor women’s and men’s glasses are available plated in gold, platinum and silver.

According to the company and many eyewear specialists, the manufacturing process is extremely complex because Lunor glasses and sunglasses are not mass-produced using machines. Manufacturing a single pair of glasses for men or women takes 200 steps and up to eight weeks of work by a team of 20 highly skilled craftspeople. All of Lunor’s glasses are handmade in Germany, except for its titanium frames, which come alive under the expert hands of Japanese artisans with a keen knowledge of the lustrous transition metal. Furthermore, all materials and components are exclusively curated for Lunor glasses, which adds a touch of unicity discerning customers seek. Lunor’s commitment to sustainability spans the entire company. In fact, the company was the first in the eyewear industry to own a zero-energy building and became 100% carbon-neutral in 2018.

Why choose Lunor sunglasses and eyewear?

You would want to invest in Lunor glasses for women and men for several reasons.

Superior quality : From the craftsmanship to the materials, Lunor glasses are synonymous with innovation and durability.

Attention to detail : All Lunor glasses feature saddle bridges that comfortably distribute the frame’s weight across people’s noses. The frames sit perfectly in place, eliminating press, pinches, and overall fatigue.

A vast selection of styles : Lunor glasses for men and women as well as Lunor sunglasses are famed for featuring a minimalist aesthetic. Their sleek lines and timeless shapes, inspired by iconic eyewear from bygone eras, are ideal for people who prefer more conservative looks. However, many of Lunor’s glasses actually offer edgy and creative styles for more fashion-forward-thinking individuals. 

Fun fact about Lunor glasses in the world of famous people

Without a doubt, Steve Jobs was a huge fan of Lunor glasses for men. Recognized for thin round glasses, which he wore for decades, Steve Jobs’ eyewear style and his go-to black turtleneck inspired generations to push the aesthetic and innovation envelope farther than the world could even imagine. But did you know why he continuously wore the same style of Lunor eyewear? It was actually a tribute to one of his heroes, Mahatma Gandhi, who wore a similar style of glasses.

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