Published on June 06, 2023

How to choose the best sunglasses to suit your face

Summer is just around the corner! With the promise of vibrant, sunny days and countless opportunities for outdoor activities, now is the perfect time to shop for sunglasses for women and sunglasses for men to make the best out of the warm summer months.

However, hunting for that ideal pair of sunglasses can sometimes feel like navigating a maze, with countless shapes, sizes, and colours to consider. You may be asking yourself: “Which sunglasses suit my face?”

This article is designed to guide you through the process, offering a detailed and comprehensive guide for both men and women on selecting the best sunglasses.


Sunglasses and UV protection

Before we delve into the world of style, fit, and colour, it's important to underscore the most crucial aspect of sunglasses: UV protection. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, if left unchecked, can inflict significant damage on your eyes, potentially leading to conditions, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer. 

Therefore, when you're in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, always prioritize those that provide 100% UV protection, meaning they effectively block both UVA and UVB rays.

Sunglasses and face shape

Your face shape has a significant influence on the type of frames that will flatter your features the most. Here's a more detailed guide on how to choose sunglasses sizes.

Round faces

For people with round faces, square or rectangular sunglasses often provide a harmonious contrast, giving definition and structure to the face. Men might consider wayfarer-style sunglasses, a classic design that adds a touch of sophistication. Women, on the other hand, can experiment with cat-eye sunglass frames, a style that imbues a sense of vintage charm and glamour.


Square faces 

If you have a square face, round or oval sunglasses can help to soften the sharp angles of your facial features. Men could opt for aviator styles, which bring a touch of classic cool to any look. Women might enjoy the playful and fashion-forward aesthetic of oversized round frames, which are also a nod to a retro-chic style.

Oval faces 

With an oval face, the world of sunglasses is yours! Most frame shapes—whether they are round, square, or aviator—tend to complement your face well. Make sure that the frames are proportional to the size of your face: they should not overpower your features or appear lost on your face.

Heart-shaped faces

For heart-shaped faces, consider rimless sunglasses or frames that are wider at the bottom. These styles can help balance out your broader forehead. Both men and women can experiment with round or aviator styles, which add a modern edge while maintaining a timeless appeal.

Sunglasses: Material and colour

When it comes to the material of the best sunglasses on the market, there are so many options. If durability is your main concern, you might want to consider Acetate, which is lightweight for optimal comfort. For active men and women who engage in sports or outdoor adventures, frames made from flexible materials like Japanese Titanium could be a smart choice due to their increased resistance to impact and damage.

The colour of sunglasses’ lenses is not merely a fashion choice but can also impact visual comfort and clarity. Gray and green lenses, for instance, reduce brightness without altering color perception, making them ideal for accurate color recognition. On the other hand, brown and amber lenses can enhance contrasts, although they might slightly distort colors. If you're often behind the wheel or enjoy water sports, polarized lenses might be the way to go. These significantly reduce glare, improving comfort and visibility under bright conditions.

Sunglasses for men

When choosing sunglasses for men, it's important to remember that they are an extension of your personal style. You can elevate your everyday look with classic aviator or wayfarer styles, which never go out of fashion. For the more adventurous, consider making a bold statement with mirrored lenses. They don't just look cool but also offer additional glare reduction.

Another aspect to consider is the colour and material of the frame. A black or brown frame is a safe, versatile choice that seamlessly pairs with most of your wardrobe. For a more unique look, metal frames can add more sophistication.

Sunglasses for women

Sunglasses for women open up a wide array of fashion possibilities. Oversized frames offer a sophisticated allure, reminiscent of the Hollywood glamour of the '50s and '60s. They also provide more sun protection due to their wide sizes.

For a pop of colour and a touch of flair, women can consider frames in vibrant hues or unique patterns. These can serve as statement pieces, adding a splash of personality to any outfit. From bold reds and blues to subtle pastels, the colour of your frames can be a reflection of your mood, style, or even the season.

Another popular choice among women for the best sunglasses are cat-eye frames. These vintage-inspired designs are universally flattering and add a dash of retro-chic to any look. For the adventurous, more modern interpretations of the cat-eye style include exaggerated tips and colourful or patterned frames.

The best sunglasses should always be all about you

Choosing the best sunglasses is about striking the perfect balance between practicality and personal aesthetics. The best sunglasses should reflect your character—all while protecting you from the sun based on how you enjoy summer the most.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to protect your eyes while feeling confident and looking great. Here's to sunny days ahead, viewed through the perfect pair of shades that make you feel as good as you look! Enjoy the journey of finding the best sunglasses you love. It's all part of the fun of form and function!

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Jacinthe Laurendeau - Optician