Published on November 16, 2023

A go-to guide for taking good care of your glasses at home

Whether you have been wearing glasses for some time or just received your first pair of prescription eyewear, understanding how to take good care of your glasses at home is essential. After all, keeping your eyeglasses clean will help to maintain not only your visual clarity but also the longevity of your eyewear. 

In this practical guide, we'll walk you through our top tips for caring for your glasses. From handling your glasses to cleaning and storing them correctly, we've got you covered.

How to take glasses off

Let’s start with the basics: how to take your glasses off. Did you know that taking off glasses, when done improperly, can lead to scratches on the glass itself, bending or misalignment of the frames, which can impact fit and comfort, and the screws become loose, resulting in wobbly frames. In addition, the natural oils on your skin and dirt on your hands can create smudges. 

The key is to use both hands on the arms of the glasses and slide them off of your temple. Make sure you keep your hands aligned with the arms to avoid stretching them. We also suggest never placing your eyeglasses on the top of your head. Doing so can distort their shape and make them loose in the long run.

How to store eyeglasses

When you are not wearing your glasses, store them in a protective case—ideally a rigid one. How to put glasses in a case? First, make sure your case is clean. Then, delicately put your eyewear in the case with the lenses facing upwards to minimize the lenses coming into contact with any foreign particles. 

Another key consideration for storing glasses is to avoid leaving them in areas with extreme temperatures, such as inside a hot car in the summer (or in sub-freezing conditions) or in direct sunlight, as the frames can become warped. In addition, the lenses can expand and contract, changing the options and causing distorted vision.

How to clean your glasses

What is the most effective way to clean eyewear? To properly clean your glasses, start by rinsing them under lukewarm tap water. Then, add a small amount of lotion-free dish soap to each lens. After applying the soap, rinse both the lenses and frames thoroughly. Once rinsed, gently dry the lenses and frames using a clean, lint-free towel, like a microfiber cloth. Finally, inspect the lenses once more and remove any remaining smudges for a clear, clean view. Note that eyewear sprays should only be used occasionally, for example, when you are not at home.

How often should you wash the microfiber cloth? At least once a month is ideal. You can put microfibre cloths in the washing machine—but always allow them to air dry; exposure to high heat from the dryer can damage the cloth.

You can ask your optometrist for the best options for your specific eyewear. If your glasses are really dirty, take them to the optical clinic where you purchased them for a more in-depth cleaning job.

Avoid the temptation of wiping glasses on your clothing. Opticians also warn that using a piece of paper towel or tissue when your glasses are dry. While they may appear soft, they actually feature abrasive fibers and lint that can scratch your glasses. However, if the paper towel or tissue is wet, you can use them delicately on your glasses.

Is it okay to use lens wipes on glasses?

Lens wipes can be a convenient option for cleaning your glasses, especially when you're on the go. However, not all lens wipes are created equal. Look for wipes designed explicitly for eyeglasses, as they are formulated to be gentle on your lenses and coatings.

Schedule regular eyewear maintenance

Are your glasses slipping off of your face? Do they seem crooked or bent? Are the hinged arms on your frames no longer rigid and tend to flip down by themselves? The best thing to do is take them to Tris Coffin so that they can be evaluated and adjusted by a professional. 

With preventative care, opticians can identify potential issues with your glasses before they become major problems that require costly repairs or replacement, including worn nose pads, loose screws, or other telltale signs of wear and tear.

Taking care of your glasses at home doesn't have to be complicated. By following these practical tips, your eyewear will remain in excellent condition. Remember to handle your glasses with care, clean them regularly using the right methods, and store them properly to enjoy clear vision and extend the life of your glasses. Proper eyeglass care is a simple yet important routine that will keep your eyewear looking and functioning at its best. If you are struggling with taking care of your glasses, book an appointment with Tris Coffin today!

Jacinthe Laurendeau - Optician