Published on February 16, 2023

7 top 2023 eyewear trends

In the world of eyewear, there are some cutting-edge new trends in glasses that you don’t want to miss in 2023! We’ve been scouting out the runways and our favourite brands to glean what you can expect for the top 2023 trends in the eyewear industry.

Whether you regularly wear glasses, enjoy a break from contact lenses, or require glasses for specific tasks, we’ve found some amazing eyewear from the coming year.

Take a sneak peek!


Cat-eye glasses

Also known as harlequin glasses, these trendy women’s frames can be worn both casually and dressed up. The asymmetrical corners give your face an extra dose of attitude while remaining feminine. Major brands have been reinventing their cat-eye designs, including these sunglasses from Tom Ford and Jacques Marie Mage.

Racer glasses

Y2K fashion has been on the rise for several months now. And now, those aughts-inspired looks are coming to eyewear. These trendy men’s and women’s glasses frames are infused with angular and futuristic touches, including mirrored and iridescent lenses. More polished than the sports glasses of past decades, racer glasses are the epitome of the “metaverse-meets-athletics.”

Geometric styles

Hexagonal shapes, octagonal frames… geometric eyewear is definitely a 2023 trend for glasses. Geometric frames are very versatile when it comes to pairing them with your unique style. Choose from a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. While futuristic-looking, these eyeglass frames for women and men are nevertheless stylish and elegant.

Square retro glasses

This classic style that originated in the 1970s is back! Square retro glasses are making a bold comeback for both trendy women’s frames and men’s glasses for 2023. Worn oversized, you can also find an array of square-shaped sunglasses like these tinted beauties from Barton Perreira.

Round glasses

According to many in the fashion biz, the round frame is the most popular style for women’s and men’s eyewear for 2023. Depending on the frame you choose, you can put together an assertive look with bolder round glasses, or a softer, more elegant look with a subdued design.

70’s style glasses

Apart from square retro glasses, many popular eyewear styles from the 1970s are coming back. In fact, from the vintage look of tinted lenses to aviator frames to thin metallic frames and rimless frames, if you love this decade, then you’ll definitely be a trendsetter in 2023!

Oversized angular glasses

As a luxury staple for many high-on-style women, oversized angular glasses are also making inroads in the men’s glasses market and gender-inclusive collections. Oversized glasses are about the maximalist look, with dramatic silhouettes in neutrals and colourful hues.

These are just some of the amazing 2023 eyewear trends that you’ll want to explore. There are many others to consider, such as tortoiseshell frames, flat sunglasses, and eco-friendly glasses made with natural materials, such as natural wood, cork and recycled plastic. The year 2023 is all about artful details, eccentric shapes and tributes to a bygone era.

Interested in finding a pair of trendy 2023 glasses for the upcoming year? Make sure you book an appointment with one of our specialists. We’ll find the right shape and colour to match your style.

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